Burner Brake

$ 25.00

Burner Brake is an innovative product that alleviates concerns about possible gas leaks from lab gas jets.  Burner Brake only fits on gas jets that are completely off.  If it's on, the teacher knows that the jets are off.  In addition Burner Brake prevents students from fidgeting with gas jets that are supposed to be off.  There is no other product like it on the market.

Burner Brake fits any gas jet fixtures that have 2 gas nozzles arranged at 90 degrees from one another.  Whether your 2-jet, 90 degree fixture is counter-mounted (like many biology labs) or wall-mounted (like many chemistry labs), Burner Brake will fit and give you peace of mind.  We plan to carry additional versions of Burner Brake in the future for 1-, 3-, and 4-jet fixtures as well as 2-jet fixtures at 180 degrees.

Burner Brake is dishwasher safe and autoclavable.  It also comes with a removable fastening mechanism, so that it remains more securely in place when the gas is not in use for extended periods of time.  We also plan to carry Burner Brake with a chain that can attach to the gas fixture.

With Burner Brake, "when it's on, it's off."  That's peace of mind.

"Burner Brake" is trademarked and is patented in the US.

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