Cell Zone Shop

Welcome to the Cell Zone E-commerce site.  From here you can learn about our products and their classroom uses, as well as make purchases.

We offer products that help more biology students to master their course topics.  All of our products were developed using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approaches.  Their use creates a student-centered classroom where students learn actively.  Our products lend themselves to interactive and individual learning, kinesthetic and visual learners, as well as non-native English speakers.  Teachers who use our products tell us that they transform their classroom, making it more fun and hands-on, as well as leading to a deeper understanding of biology.

We plan on continuing to expand our product line so that more learners can achieve in biology.  We currently offer:

  • Diversity Kits, to learn about the diversity of life, trophic systems, food webs, and evolutionary relatedness
  • Dynamic Cell Models, for learning about cells, modeling, and microscopy
  • Mitosis Sequencing Kits, for learning about the process of mitosis in both animal and plant cells
  • Molecular Puzzles, for understanding biological molecules and the dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis reactions that make and break them
  • Posters, for creating a classroom environment about biology, as well as for teaching about histology

Note that all of our products (except for posters) are designed so that they can be used for students to model processes and systems.  They can also be used in a wide range of classrooms, from elementary school through college science-majors' classes.  Each product comes with a guidebook for its use in the classroom that includes lesson plans and ways that they could be used with each age of students.

Purchases can be made with a credit card, PayPal, or with a purchase order.  Please note that in order to use a PO, the PO number must be provided; there is a field for that purpose in the shopping cart, before you continue to "checkout" your cart.  If the PO# is not provided in the order, you can also email it separately to sales@cellzone.org .  Thank you.