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Real cell and tissue photomicrographs to hang in your classrooms. These posters come as 16" x 20" prints in frames ready for hanging. Put real cell images up on your walls to create an environment where science is important, interesting, and beautiful.  Use the posters in your teaching (dry erase markers can be used on the frames and erased) or simply develop a sense of a community of science learners in your classroom.

Our frames are durable and only need a nail, a tack, or a hook for hanging.  If you wish to switch out images throughout the semester or year, you can purchase prints without the frames as well.

We offer 16" x 20" portrait posters of real cells and tissues.  Our tissues include both plant and animal tissues.  We carry the following poster sets:

  • PST-cell: Our basic cells set includes Elodea, red pepper, onion, banana, and cheek cells.  This set works very well with our Dynamic Cell Models, especially for teachers with limited access to microscopes.  Our basic cells set were all taken at 400X magnification.
  • Histology sets include:
    • PST-epi: Epithelial tissue set with 6 posters (simple squamous, simple cuboidal, simple columnar with microvilli, pseudostratified ciliated, stratified squamous non-keratinized, and transitional epithelia)
    • PST-CT: Connective tissue set with 9 posters (areolar, adipose, reticular, dense regular, dense irregular, hyaline cartilage, elastic cartilage, bone, blood)
    • PST-musc: Muscle tissue set, with 7 posters (smooth muscle LS & CS, skeletal muscle LS, skeletal muscle CS, cardiac muscle CS, cardiac muscle LS, motor end plates, and skeletal muscle fascia)
    • PST-Nerv: Nervous tissue set with 9 posters (neuron smear, spinal cord white matter, spinal cord gray matter, low power 1/2 spinal cord, peripheral nerve teased, peripheral nerve CS with fascia, dorsal root ganglion, cerebral cortex, ependyma around central canal)
  • PST-micro:  This microbiology set contains 10 posters, depicting gram stains of coccus, bacillus, and coccobacillus bacteria, as well as acid fast and non-acid fast stains and bacteria with spores.  These were all taken at 1000X magnification.
  • Plant poster sets include:
    • PST-plant-1: A triptych of root cross-sections, where each poster is a of a nearby section that has been stained using one of three staining protocols.
    • PST-plant-2: A triptych of stem cross-sections, stained three ways.
    • PST-plant-3: A triptych of flower sections to include the pollen, also stained three ways.
    • Other individual posters, shown on the main plant poster page.
  • PST-skin: Skin poster set includes 8 posters of human skin, highlighting the differences between thin and thick skin as well as showing the different specializations of skin.
  • PST-blood: This is a set of 5 posters of white blood cells, where each poster has a different leukocyte (neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil, and basophil), each taken at 1000X magnification.
  • PST-rock: This is a set of 5 images of thin sections of rock (barytes, larvikite, and dolerite). These could be of particular interest for a school that addresses a wide range of STEM topics.
  • other individual posters are available if you scroll to the bottom of this additional poster page.  

We also offer poster sets as diptychs and triptychs of one tissue stained using two or three different staining protocols; different stains provide different types of contrast and color.  Our poster sets of diptychs or triptychs reveal this varying contrast and make for beautiful (and real) biology art.

Sample images for our posters are shown. However, any poster can be purchased individually. If you are interested in a single poster within one of our sets, you can tell us the name of that specific poster-- all poster names can be seen from the main poster pages. To select a specific poster or subset of posters, email .

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