Molecular Puzzles (MP-101)

$ 275.00

Make learning about biological molecules intuitive with our Molecular Puzzles.

Now at a new, lower price!

Students will carry out dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis reactions of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids.  Developed using Universal Design for Learning approaches, our Molecular Puzzles enable a wider variety of learners to master the biological molecules.  Use of the Molecular Puzzles turns any classroom into an active, student-centered, interactive environment.

Puzzle pieces are dishwasher safe!

With 12 monomers or building blocks for each biological molecule, one set of Molecular Puzzles can accommodate most classrooms (having 6 groups of students).  Since our puzzles are dishwasher safe, they are exceptionally durable for many years of dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis reactions.

Because some schools have requested additional oxygen and hydrogen pieces for class-specific lessons or because some of these smaller pieces have been lost, we are now offering replacement packs of 48 oxygen and 60 hydrogen pieces.