Dawn's ABT article has gotten some positive feedback recently July 2, 2018 22:54

We have posted on the "resources" page from our home page the article "Exploring Carbohydrates with Bananas" written by CellZone founder Dawn Tamarkin.

The NABT recently posted a question about how members use their journal, the American Biology Teacher. One of the members, Jon Darkow, noted that he uses Dawn's article on banana cells in his classroom. He said "Your series of questions combined with a super simple low-tech, low-cost protocol is awesome. The suggested process you gave hits so many interdependent concepts in biology. It is a fantastic student lab that I have used for the past two years with great success! Thanks!"

Jon also gave permission for us to post his student handout related to this article on our website. That has also been posted on our resources page.

Dawn is hoping to write another article on her classroom activity for the immune system. Would such an article interest you?